Nathaniel Seymore

Music has always been a tool for me to express my deepest thoughts and feelings, it gives me the courage to say, yeah I messed up, but it also allows me to tell the story of my redemption.
— Cremson

Nathaniel Seymore, known as Cremson, is a successful musical talent. After years of writing for other talented artists, he is currently working on his third solo project (untitled) leading the way with his already positively reviewed single, R.I.C.H.


Nathaniel Seymore, known as Cremson, is a successful musical talent who became well known in hip hops underground circuits for his freestyle battling prowess.  Involved with gang activity, selling drugs, and being subjected to multiple arrests by law enforcement, Cremson always had music to turn to.  Selling over 2,000 copies (under the recording label Dollars and Cents ran by then-CEO Jay Welbon) of his first album titled “The beginning” out of a duffle bag while walking up and down Broad River Rd., Cremson has come a long way to prove once again the talent that grabbed so many ears since his first journey into a recording studio.

If this next story is anything like the last, it would seem that Cremson has a lot to talk about.